Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Review of the Samsung UN55ES7100 LED-LCD Television: Early 2013

The 55-inch 3D Samsung UN55ES7100 looks sexy and visually stunning

samsung un55es7100
Samsung's range of LED based LCD televisions carries the heady reputation of being a top-line television design. The 55-inch 3D Samsung UN55ES7100 looks sexy and visually stunning with its skinny 0.2 inch wide bezel and extreme black-level performance. Quite simply, you'll be so entranced by the unbelievable clarity of the razor sharp picture that you'll feel quite lost in the flicker-free smoothness of the display. It's become difficult to make an impression on the market of televisions as slews of impressive models are released monthly. Something special and exciting was needed for televisions being introduced in 2012. Samsung needed to bring a series forward that wouldn't be lost in the crowd. The engineers and designers of Samsung thought long and hard and introduced the UN55ES7100 series of LED-LCD televisions, complete with desirable looks that wouldn't look out of place in any top designers home. To this cutting-edge design, super-fast web connectivity and many other awesome features were added, consistent with the reputation of a top manufacturer like Samsung.

One look at the picture quality of the 55" Samsung UN55ES7100, is enough to convey the crystal clear clarity and deep, lush contrast levels. The technology responsible for these amazing contrast levels is the micro-dimming LED's, producing the deepest blacks, brightest whites and every subtle shade between. Not only is contrast of the most challenging picture exquisitely displayed but the contrast is intelligently monitored, dividing the picture and applying the correct contrast level to each area.

The captivating picture of this television set is displayed at a crisp full HD 1080p with a dynamic contrast ratio of 20,000,000:1. Those may seem like a lot of numbers and statistics but what they translate to is simply unparalleled image quality and black levels, whether watching in 2D or 3D. And be sure that Samsung's blur reducing 240HZ refresh rate will never tire your eyes as you watch your favourite show. From the fastest action scene and sporting event, to the nuances of an elegant ballet scene, you'll never miss a single frame.

Want a truly immersive, like the UN55ES7100, cinematic 3D experience? Put on your 3D glasses to sink into a whole new level of realism where you'll feel like you're inside the picture, ready to catch a football or zap an alien. And Samsung only uses lightweight, active-shutter 3D glasses, technology which enables you to experience 3D in full HD 1080p. So pop in your favourite 3D title and enjoy the enhanced depth.
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Next generation picture quality is accompanied by next generation multi-tasking, made possible by the dual-core processor at the heart of this Samsung television set. What this means to a viewer is that the title Smart TV is deserved like never before as you effortlessly browse the internet, download a new app or explore the Smart Hub with ease.

This combination of multi-tasking and web browsing opens a world of entertainment possibilities, social networking and more. Connect to online content. Page through Twitter and Facebook updates. Update your Netflix queue in moments. A multitude of digital content is available and growing all the time. Use the Smart Hub to access Pandora, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook and Hulu. There are quite literally hundreds of apps available to satisfy the most fussy member of a family.

All of this impressive internet connectivity is made all the more hassle free by the use of a built-in Wifi, eliminating messy cables and complicated configuration screens as you connect to your home wireless router and your home network. You'll be downloading your favourite apps in minutes.

Allshare Play and Connectshare Movie are yet more features that bring content effortlessly to your Samsung UN55ES7100. With Allshare, your favorite digital media on a DLNA connected device, whether it be a personal computer, game console or smartphone, can be wirelessly accessed and played wherever you are. Connectshare allows a USB storage device to be connected to the USB port on your Samsung television so that you can share video, music and photos on the device. Plug your memory stick in and watch your holiday snaps with friends and family. On the homepage we explain a lot more features.

This sexy, slim television can easily be hung on a wall like a work of art or mounted on its swivel stand. It not only meets energy star requirements but easily exceeds them, making sure your energy bills will stay low. The three High Definition Multimedia Interface(HDMI) connections ensure that your digital source will be displayed on the large 55" screen in splendid full HD 1080p color, without interference or artifacts. Let your Samsung television set take pride of place in your living room, with its vibrant display and design.